2nd Annual Innovators & Leaders Award Brunch - Saturday, June 24th




When people talk about the black culture from the 1990s thru the early 2000s the phrase, “The Golden Era” comes up a lot, and for good reason. It was a pretty special time. Hip Hop had come into its own and its music dominated not only the radio airwaves, but it was responsible for a total sonic, visual and cultural takeover.

From television shows like The Cosby Show, In Livin’ Color, and New York Undercover, to films like School Daze and Menace to Society, to clubs like The Tunnel and The Cheetah Club and conferences like “How Can I Be Down” and “Jack The Rapper”, the energy, vibe, and swagger of black culture globally dictated trends in fashion, sports, film, television, nightlife and more. And then there was the scene. A vibrant scene comprised of a community of like-minded folks working, playing, and creating this culture together. The movement enveloped mainstream culture in such a way that its aesthetic and vernacular became forever changed.



Fast forward to 2016.  Digital and virtual reality is replacing the tangible. The once human experience of exchanging ideas, discussing challenges, and cultivating the Black Cultural experience has begun to drastically change. CULTURE CREATORS was birthed to shine a light on the contributions of those who shaped the world’s view of the black culture  by providing a platform for ideation, conversation, mentorship and leadership for the next generation. Our mission is to ensure that the executive talent pool is diversified.

In addition to panel discussions, recruitment, networking sessions and mentoring, Culture Creators seeks to become the think-tank, talent incubator and hub for creatives and intellectuals who touch black culture in one form or another.


  • Culture Creators is more than a concept, event, celebration or bangin’ party. It is a culture, in and of itself. It honors the architect of our current culture while connecting them with the fruit it produced, our current cultural icons.

    Laz Alonso - Actor
  • Culture Creators is a powerful and much needed platform that will continue to drive the conversation around the importance of grooming and leading innovators of black culture.

    Andre Harrell / Vice-Chairman - REVOLT TV
  • Joi has done a masterful job of creating the Culture Creators brand and building a generational bridge for all to understand the power of our culture.

    Keith Clinkscales / Media Pioneer
  • As the culture and style of black music evolves it’s important to keep the creators, leaders and supporters in mind. Our music doesn’t work unless our people love and make room for it. Culture Creators is where you can find that love and support!

    Estelle - Grammy Award-winning singer
  • Culture Creators is important to the recognition and celebration of all those responsible for shaping and influencing what is consumed and enjoyed as entertainment. We are all proud to be a part of this collective that Joi Brown has put together. She is visionary and I am proud of what she has put forth in this endeavor.

    James Lopez - Head of Production / Will Packer Productions
  •  Culture Creators is genius. It’s a unique, cool platform for those creating and impacting culture to harness and nurture their talents as they become the next generation of leaders.

    Stephen G. Hill- President of Programming / BET

Laz Alonso’s Birthday Bash at Vandal NYC Last Night with Regina King, AJ Calloway, Josh Lucas, Yandy Smith & More!

https://vimeo.com/210246820 [New York, NY - March 26th, 2017] Laz Alonzo celebrated his birthday last night alongside family and celebrity friends including Regina King, AJ Calloway, Yandy Smith and Josh Lucas. The celebration included an intimate dinner at Vandal Restaurant in NYC and an after-party, both hosted by Rémy Martin and Culture Creators. Laz's closest family and friends danced all night

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Culture Creators Partners with Howard University for the 5th Annual Howard Marketing Summit

Friday, March 24th in Washington D.C., Culture Creators is partnering with the Department of Marketing at the Howard School of Business to host its 5t h Annual Marketing Summit. The leaders in multi-cultural marketing across several brands/agencies such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, New Balance, William Grant & Sons, Team Epiphany, and more will be in attendance. Students will be

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